Web Design Animation

These days, almost every webpage you visit has special effects. The special effects are typically used to either draw in a potential client to the website or to showcase the technical expertise of the company. Unfortunately, many programmers, graphic designers, and website designers will use the special effects without considering the reactions of their target audience to them. Many times, when a company uses special effects to make the website look cool, they end up alienating the very customers they are trying to attract.

If you plan to add any special effects to the home page on your website, you first need to determine if your page is quick to download, consistent and design, easy to find, easy to navigate, and easy to read. If your site is all these things, it may be a good idea to add special effects to your website.

You need to remember that when you add special effects to your website and increases the download time. You don’t want to run off potential customers before they even see your site because they get tired of waiting for it to load.

Some of the special effects used may require a plug-in. If your customer must install a plug-in just to see or hear your website, they will likely not stick around. Sometimes it is okay if the plug-in must be downloaded later in their visit, such as after they have chosen to purchase a product or service from you. Some of the special effects that can be used on your websites, such as music and animation, may be cute and fun at first but can become irritating after the initial impact. Make sure you do not overdo it on your website.

If you are using your website to showcase your programming, technical, or design talent, it is recommended that you divide your site into individual pages that only show one of those talents per page. By doing this, it will increase the download speed of the pages and your visitors will know what to expect before they go to the page.

As you can see, special effects have their place and website design. Overdoing it, though, can be detrimental to your website by pushing away potential customers instead of inviting them in.

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