Sand Animation

The sand animation was a concept that was introduced in 1994. It created a whole new level of art with sand and for sand castles. This kind of animation takes the designs can make with sand further than ever before. The artists use their hands and tools for detailing to create these pieces of art. Light is used in this kind of animation to help you see things you would not see otherwise. Light boards and projectors can also be used to illuminate the art.

With sand animation being relatively new, there are not too many people well-versed in this art form. It is quite hard to learn since it is such a detailed process. Sand animation is in high demand for those who have been able to master this form of art. Ferenc Cako is the most famous artist in sand animation. He typically does his work on stage in front of a live audience. It is very entertaining to see these masterpieces being created right in front of your eyes.

If you research the sand animation online, you can find sites where you can watch this form of art being created. This is almost as good as being able to see it live. The videos will show you the work from the very start of the process until the piece is completely finished. The artists tend to make the process looks simple though it is quite hard to do.

Ilana Yahav is another sand animator that has become popular. There are not many women producing this kind of artwork. She uses her hands only to create her sand animations. Her pieces of work are marvelous, especially considering she does it without tools.

The sand animation will likely continue to grow in popularity over the next years. As the technology to do this art improves, you will likely see more people taking up this form of art. For now, though, the challenge of mastering the skills in sand animation draws in many people.

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