About Glass Faerie


Hobbies motivate us to express ourselves, do impossible things, be creative and grab a new opportunity to succeed.

Hobby is doing things you like that is in your interests. Choosing one would not be easy since you need to invest not just money but your time. It is important that you work on your hobby with passion and dedication to maintain your interests all the time. Choosing a hobby is challenging since it should be within your curiosity. Glass Faerie provides ideas on what activity or collection that best fits one’s interests. It has tips on how to preserve collectible items and articles that suggest concept on deciding what’s best for your chosen hobby.

Glass Faerie team is composed of people all over the world. The objectives of this site are the following

  •  We wanted to share the basics in putting things together to create a compelling long-term interest.
  •  It tackles some tips on choosing your hobby and taking good care of the collectibles that you already have.
  •  It is our goal to provide the ideas about any topics about any kind of hobby you have in mind.

When you believe on yourself, do things with love and passion… Nothing is impossible…

Basically, this site is your leisure time area that talks randomly about any hobby that you have, not only in your home but as well as in the office. Whether your collections were too big or too small, too heavy or too light, too expensive or too cheap, tangible or not, any type of interest that you have in mind because we cover a wide-range of topics about it.

Did your hobby was not able to mention on our site yet? We’d like to hear it. Send us your ideas and suggestions, so that we can cover it in our next publishing. We can’t wait to hear it from you and share it with our readers.

Choose your hobby wisely!